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What is Reskinning? And is it right for my store(s)?: Part I

Jun 4th 2019

With the changing retail landscape, many retailers are reimagining the look, feel, and construct of their stores. Frozen foods are making a comeback, and many retailers are also looking at more fresh options, prepared foods, pick up & delivery services, and leveraging technology to provide and or support these services. Fewer dollars are then available to address the refrigerated merchandisers which may have traditionally been slated for replacement under a remodel schedule.

This is where a reskin project may be an option.

Reskinning can be comprised of either an exterior program, an interior program, or a combination of the two.

Exterior Reskin

The existing refrigerated merchandiser may be returned to its near Original Equipment look. A perfect way to leverage an exterior reskin is when a store is engaging in a decor or color scheme change. Color swatches or RAL codes may be used to ensure exterior components match the desired color(s).

Interior Reskin

May be as simple as replacing all existing shelving and pans or as complex as a complete interior make-over. Either solution may be done at a fraction of the cost of replacing an existing case or line-up with new.

An exterior reskin program typically may be done for 30 - 40% of the cost of a new case. A complete interior and exterior combined typically may be completed for 80% of the cost of a new case. BUT, keep in mind that is 80% of the price of a new case. This does not include the additional expense or removing the existing case, disposing of it, and installing a new one! When factoring in those costs, a reskin may even be a more attractive option.

At a time when stores are allocating more money toward technology (and EBIT benefits can range from +2-5%), the more that can be saved on store decor and remodeling while still increasing sales, becomes even more important.

Next, we will discuss the four things to consider to ensure a successful reskin program.  

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