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Savings on Freight: SIZE DOES MATTER!

Sep 2nd 2019

Freight costs are often misunderstood. But understanding them is important to your overall parts costs. Here are tips to understand how to maximize the value of your order by minimizing your freight costs. We show you how to prevent getting any surprises when your invoice arrives.

  1. Pay attention to how many items you order. You may only need a single shelf, but it may be more economical to order a few more. The difference in freight for a single shelf and, for example, 10 shelves, may only be a few dollars. Your total cost per shelf (including freight) will be significantly reduced.
  2. Physical size matters. Typically, items greater than 10’ in length will have a huge freight premium to them--even if the item only weighs a few pounds (like case bumper). When dealing with cases that are often 12’ in length, it is desirable to have a replacement panel or bumper that spans the entire case. To avoid huge freight premiums, order shorter pieces (such as an 8’ and 4’ pieces to span 12’). Shorter bumpers and panels can often be nested and add minimal total volume or weight to an order, resulting in minimal-to-zero additional costs to freight.
  3. Before final check out, SimplySourceful always provides freight charges! Just type in your address and the price appears. Know your expected freight costs in advance!

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