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Replacement Success!

Replacement Success!

Apr 11th 2019

It is late Thursday afternoon… Moms and dads are getting off of work. They are picking kids up from school. They are at the grocery store getting last-minute items for dinner that evening. This is rush hour at the store...

Uh-oh. One of the parents runs a cart into a normal temp door. The glass shatters. The door is tempered, so it does its job preventing anyone in the store from being injured. But, this section of the case cannot be used for merchandise while there is a door with shattered glass. So not only is shattered glass not a good look, but the store is losing sales! It wants to move quickly to get this fixed. How can it expedite getting the door identified, quoted, ordered, shipped, and installed in a reasonable time?

There isn’t a simple solution to get this fixed.

Until now.


It’s Simple. How simple? The door was replaced Tuesday morning by one of our trusted installation partners. From late Thursday afternoon to Tuesday, SimplySourceful took care of it.

Describing how it was done? Well, that is not so simple. But that’s not the store’s job to worry about that. That’s what we’re here for. The store wants it done, and SimplySourceful makes it possible. Most everyone else will give a dissertation on 1,000 reasons to make the process harder than it needs to be.

Will we always have it quoted, in-stock, shipped, and installed in a little over 4 days? Maybe not. But the store will always know where we are in the process, and will never have to guess what is going on.

We’re cutting through the clutter, and this success story is one of the moments we’re proud of.

Our success only comes from your successes. Simply.

Replaced Door

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