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Reasons to Reskin Your Supermarket Display Cases Rather Than Replace Them

Reasons to Reskin Your Supermarket Display Cases Rather Than Replace Them

Sep 28th 2020

With the evolving retail landscape, many supermarkets are reimagining the look, feel, and overall design of their stores. One must-have item that positively impacts their general appeal and how they operate is the supermarket display cases. They form a crucial part of any product display strategy, as customers see them every time they walk into a supermarket store.

It’s easy to take your refrigeration and display cases for granted. Take a look around your supermarket space and ask yourself if your display cases are in good shape. Whether you’re a supermarket owner or manager, you may need to repair or upgrade your display cases to give your supermarket a fresh look and also to improve refrigeration energy efficiency.

Instead of replacing the display cases, you can quickly refresh their look by reskinning them. You may be wondering, what are the benefits of reskinning the display cases rather than replacing them? Read on to learn more!

It Saves You Money

Reskinning supermarket display cases entails either an interior program, exterior program, or a combination of both. Whichever option you want, reskinning your display cases instead of replacing them saves you a significant amount of money. Whether you’re doing a decor or color theme change or updating your supermarket design, reskinning is a more attractive option. Industry pricing is very complicated and often lacks transparency; however, at SimplySourceful, we’ve made it simple with standard pricing. Our cost-structure offers simple per-foot pricing across all OEMs.

For instance, reskinning your exterior display cases can save you up to 30-40% of the total cost of new display cases. A complete interior and exterior display case reskinning program can be completed for 80% of the total cost of new display cases. As supermarkets are increasingly focusing on providing the most essential products, opting for cost-saving solutions like reskinning supermarket display cases is crucial.

It can also be more cost-effective to update your shelves during a reskin rather than doing it separately. Since we’ll already be shipping your parts, and you’ll already have installers carrying out the reskin, you can save on both shipping and installation costs. Fresh new shelves further enhance the appearance of your display cases, with a lower overall cost when done in conjunction with a reskin.

Perfect Solution For a Fresh And Updated Look

The changing retail landscape, especially in supermarkets, is driven by the growing demand for frozen foods, prepared foods, fresh produce options, and pick-up and delivery services. While technology is making it possible to provide and support these services, there’s a growing need to update the look of supermarkets to attract the right customers.

This is where a reskinning project comes in. Rather than replacing existing display cases, reskinning your refrigeration display cases offers the perfect way to freshen up your cases to match your new color scheme, product selection, or branding decor. Reskinning supermarket display cases brightens up the interior merchandising area of your refrigerated cases.

You can reskin any interior part, including deck pans, wire racks, air baffles, multi-deck shelving, lighting kits, and exterior display case parts like panels, bumpers, canopies, end panels, and splash guards. You can reskin your refrigeration display cases to remove dents and other defects, or to achieve a complete store rebranding.

Minimal Disruption With Short Lead Times

When it comes to upgrades or renovations in supermarkets, one of the biggest concerns for owners or managers is ensuring that customers get quality service with minimal disruption. Reskinning supermarket display cases instead of installing new ones reduces the length of disruption in your retail operations.

supermarket products on display

Reskinning can be done at night to ensure smooth installation. Top reskinning service providers offer short lead times so you can get started with your reskin project in the shortest time possible. Work can be done overnight to give new life to your old display cases and ensure smooth, efficient operation.

Improved Refrigeration Energy Efficiency

Reskinning your display cases can offer another unexpected benefit — increased energy savings for your refrigeration displays. With energy-efficient enhancements, you can easily replace damaged supermarket display cases, reskin refrigeration case parts, close open cases with energy-efficient doors, or plan a complete remodel that helps you pursue commercial energy rebates.

Go Ahead And Reskin Your Display Cases

Supermarket owners and managers can greatly benefit when they opt for turnkey services like reskinning or energy-efficient optimizations for their refrigeration displays. Get started with your SimplyReskin project with SimplySourceful now. We’re straightforward and easy to work with, and we provide immediate pricing and transparent shipping.

Get OEM-compatible replacement parts simply and easily at SimplySourceful. Get expert help to identify the parts you need or contact us to learn more about reskinning supermarket display cases.

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