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Protect Your Customers And Employees With Plexiglass Shields

Protect Your Customers And Employees With Plexiglass Shields

May 5th 2020

Grocery stores, supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores across the U.S. are implementing additional safety measures to maintain social distancing and help shield their customers and employees from COVID-19. One simple measure is to install plexiglass shields as a protective barrier between customers and cashiers.

Employees in these businesses interact with hundreds of customers each day. As more states begin to gradually reopen, these businesses are seeing large crowds of people come and go non-stop. At SimplySourceful, we’re helping businesses and retail stores of all sizes install new plexiglass protective shields to enforce social distancing protocols.

SimplySourceful Plexiglass Protection Shields

Plexiglass sneeze guards or shields help protect your employees and your community. SimplySourceful offers 24" x 32" plexiglass protection shields that are easily mounted with through bolts with no cutouts. We do the installation so you don’t have to, ensuring peace of mind and allowing you to continue your operations smoothly. Pricing starts at $225 per checkout aisle, including materials and labor.

These plexiglass shields help block any virus-containing droplets that are released when sneezing, coughing, and speaking, which might otherwise fall directly on cashiers and other employees who interact with multiple customers during their working shifts. Plexiglass shields not only reduce virus exposure to front-line workers but also help bring peace of mind to everyone who walks into a grocery store or other retail environment.

These protective shields can be installed at all store registers, checkout lanes, customer service desks, and pharmacies as a measure to protect both customers and employees amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Your customers will benefit from the greater protection and peace of mind offered by these plexiglass shields. In fact, most store managers note that customers really appreciate them and feel protected when they see them in stores.

Keep Your Business Open And Safe

Businesses offering essential services are working hard to ensure that Americans have access to food, services, drugs, and other products they need during this difficult time. At the same time, customers also expect that businesses offering essential services do their part to continue providing clean and safe shopping experiences they can always count on.

In addition to limiting occupancy, operational hours, and initiating social distancing rules, business owners and store managers are implementing additional measures like installing plexiglass shields to stay open and ensure everyone’s safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Installing these shields also helps ease employee concerns about their own safety.

SimplySourceful also offers a wide range of OEM-compatible replacement parts for your refrigeration display cases and other services so you can continue serving your customers simply and effectively.

Plexiglass Protection Shields Maybe Here to Stay

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact in our everyday lives and how we protect ourselves, both at home and at work. While stay-at-home orders may ease as the coronavirus fades away and more people get back to work, protective measures like the use of plexiglass sneeze guards in retail environments may stay in place and become the norm.

Whether it happens or not will depend on the decisions businesses will make to ensure their customers and employees always stay protected, even after the pandemic is over.

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