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Planning a Grocery Store Remodel: 4 Areas It’s Worth Investing In

Planning a Grocery Store Remodel: 4 Areas It’s Worth Investing In

Jun 26th 2020

A grocery store remodel is a great way to refresh your store, update it to meet evolving needs, and better focus on your customers’ expectations. To have the highest possible impact, you need to focus on key areas that directly impact your bottom line during convenience store remodeling. While there are plenty of other factors to consider when designing your reset, investing in these four target areas will help you create a convenience or grocery store that wows customers while keeping your store lean and mean.


Your brand message forms your customers’ impression of your business and should be an integral part of any grocery store remodel. From new logos and palettes to the appearance of your coolers and freezers, now is the time to set your new brand direction all at once, delivering a cohesive message to your guests, both old and new. Customers want uniformity and consistency, so taking the time to get it right and support it by reskinning your coolers, as well as developing appropriate badging and taglines, is a smart investment so you can reopen with a clean, fresh slate.

Energy Efficiency

Customers want companies to go green, and it can help your bottom line, too. Installing energy-efficient doors can help lower energy costs and show a commitment to the environment. It’s also a great time to make sure your refrigeration systems are operating efficiently with fresh, efficient gaskets and other door parts to minimize their energy footprint. Low-flow sinks, toilets, and urinals help complete the overhaul, carrying out your convenience store remodeling in a more environmentally-conscious way.


upgrade display cases during your grocery store remodel A grocery store remodel should focus on your primary drivers of sales, and for many stores, those are found in your refrigeration systems. Now is the time to optimize your refrigeration set-up to support your business needs. This can mean increasing cooler space, but when that’s not possible, it means maximizing the space you have. Resetting your coolers and freezers with new shelves to create more display space, replacing cracked or broken doors with replacements, and ensuring they have efficient hardware that allows for easy operation is key. You spend a lot of money on your cold-product displays and now is your chance to make sure they’re working for you.

Don’t Redesign, Redefine

A grocery store remodel is the right time to get your store on a course that will carry it for years to come. The choices you make will help determine how your employees and customers view your company, and set the tone for their mutual experience. Get the refrigeration parts you need for a great grocery store remodel from SimplySourceful today.

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