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Ordering Supermarket Replacement Parts Finally Enters the 21st Century

Sep 10th 2019

Scene. A Texas suburban speciality store on the brink of a grand opening. [note: the identities of the parties involved are kept anonymous to protect the innocent!].

A store owner doing a final walk through to determine any last items needed before the grand opening of a new store realizes a few shelves are still required. Panic and fear washed over our protagonist, How will I find and get these shelves in time???

Pulling out his mobile phone, our protagonist searches online, finds, and discovers an easy way to order those shelves! Using tools from SimplySourceful to determine the manufacturer of the store’s cases, our protagonist gets pricing, lead time, and freight costs - all instantaneously, online, and in the shopping cart... AND he can order directly from his mobile!!!

Done and done!

Parts are ordered.

And, just in case, our protagonist calls SimplySourceful’s support number to make sure the parts will ship on time for the grand opening. Our protagonist finds out that this calling is not needed or required, but it certainly puts him at ease about meeting his deadline.

It’s 2019! And, guess what!?! You can now order your replacement shelves, doors, door parts, and other replacement items online! Get your freight cost immediately! AND, order straight from your phone!!!

When you can order everything you need for daily life online and have it delivered to your doorstep within minutes, it is a wonder that most places offering supermarket replacement parts still require a person to request a quote, lead time, and wait days or even weeks to get the information back on every item needed.

If you need that quote and lead time, it is available on our website. Just put what you need in your cart and print it out knowing that order will be waiting for you with the same prices when you are ready to order.

And you want freight costs with the quote!?! We’ve got it! We detail best practices on freight and we provide your freight charges prior to check out.

As a follow-up to our scene, our protagonist received his shelves in plenty of time for his grand-opening simply by using the tools available to him via his phone. You can too.

SimplySourceful is founded on the principles of leveraging technology, analytics, best practices, and unrivaled customer experience to provide the most common replacement parts for the retail grocery industry. SIMPLE!

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