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Modernizing Your Store’s Display Cases: It’s Easier Than You Think

Modernizing Your Store’s Display Cases: It’s Easier Than You Think

Sep 29th 2020

Retail display cases positively impact a store’s overall ambiance. Although retail products are the main focus for customers, the modern supermarket’s layout and design, and how products are displayed, are top features that consumers care about. How you organize products on display cases is key to attracting customers. But you may be overlooking one significant thing: the condition of your display cases. Are they looking old, worn-out, or dirty with everyday grime? That could have a significant impact on your display cases’ appearance and make your business seem less professional than it truly is. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to modernize your supermarket display cases, it’s easier than you think.

Reskinning is The Solution

One of the most expensive parts of any modern supermarket design remodeling project is replacing or refurbishing the display cases under a remodeling schedule. That’s why more retail business owners are turning to more cost-effective and easier solutions like  reskinning to update and modernize their display cases with just a few measurements.

Display case reskinning is a turnkey process in which the interior and/or exterior parts of refrigerated  display parts are replaced to make the cases look like new again. Reskinning can involve either an interior or an exterior program or a combination of both. Reskinning saves money over replacement and may even lead to lower operational costs over time.

How Reskinning Works

  • Interior Reskin

    When it comes to simple but significant changes to your modern supermarket design, you need to focus on your display cases’ interior — an often overlooked spot. The reskin may be as simple as replacing all existing display case  shelves and pans or as complex as a complete interior remodel. Either way, interior reskinning costs a fraction of the total costs of replacing existing refrigeration display cases or getting a new line-up of cases.

  • Exterior Reskin

    You can reskin your existing refrigeration display cases back to create a fresher, more modern look. This is the perfect solution if you plan to change your supermarket’s color theme or decor to attract more customers and boost your brand or to  enjoy energy savings. You can use color matches or RAL codes to ensure that all reskinned exterior components blend in with your desired colors and the overall outlook of your modern supermarket design’s overall outlook.

What About The Cost Savings?

Exterior reskinning costs approximately 30-40% of the total cost of installing new supermarket display cases. If you do a complete interior and exterior reskin, you could save at least 20% of the total cost of buying new cases. When you factor in the costs involved when installing new display cases, including removing existing display cases, disposing them, and installing new ones, it’s clear that reskinning is the better option.

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At a time when retail business owners are investing in smart solutions to streamline service delivery and offer  energy-efficient display solutions to cut energy costs, reskinning supermarket display cases provides a cheaper and easier way to upgrade modern supermarket design and decor and boost sales.

Simply Reskin Your Display Cases

As retail businesses like supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores continue to embrace change, strategically leveraging a reskin program may help you make significant savings that you can use to offer better services, new technology in-store, and even save on energy.  SimplySourceful offers turnkey service solutions that can help you today.

Get in touch with our experts to schedule professional reskin services for your retail business. We also sell  OEM-compatible parts for your supermarket refrigeration display cases. Get help to identify the parts that you need and enjoy excellent customer service.

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